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A strong and extremely durable haul bag is needed as much as any other single piece of gear when wall climbing. If your haul bag should tear or wear through and spill the much needed contents into space, chances are you'll be in a heap of trouble. Fully understanding the need for an exceptional material that would have unreal abrasion resistance and the requisite strength for the application, we set out to find the ultimate haul bag fabric. The now famous FISH White Vinyl has become the often copied standard for all haul bags, regardless of make. We feature this coated fabric on all of our haul bags, and occasionally have colors other than the standard white. This months flavor is a lovely Tan. This tan fabric is only available for Atom Smashers, Budget Haul bags, and our luggage.

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This bag is the flagship of our line and is made from our super burly 32oz VCN fabric. Features include 2" Seatbelt webbing used for the main hauls, an extra long adjustable daisy chain built in, and a 420 denier pack cloth storm collar that will add extra volume to the capacity and help keep your contents dry in poor weather. Overall height is 36" not including the collar, and the diameter of the bottom is 18". The shoulder straps and waist belt are 3" wide, fully padded, and easy to remove before hauling. Recent changes include a new easy to use suspension system, adjusted sizing, an adjustable daisy chain, a drain hole, and more. 9000+ cu. in. For sure the best value in big and tough haul bags on the market. $169.00 ea. White only

Perfect for shorter walls where a big bag is overkill and that day pack you're running is just not up to the task. 29" tall, 15" bottom, 5100 Constructed with all the features of our Deluxe Haul including the new suspension system, built in adjustable daisy chain, a reinforced drain hole, and the super tough 32oz White Vinyl that should last longer than your mind. Spam is for scale only, and is not included with any haul bag purchase. $145.00 ea. White only.

A no frills alternative for the wall climber who needs a second bag for those really big walls, or is just a little short on the folding green. We've upped the size a bit to 33" tall, 17" bottom, 7500 The padded shoulder straps are 3" wide for comfort, and the Budget sports a fully padded 3" wide waist belt. The shoulder straps and waist belt are easy to remove for hauling. Made from our 28oz White or Green Vinyl haul bag fabric for long life and comes with a built in adjustable daisy chain for docking at the anchor. Voila! Wall ready. This is also an excellent "first bag" to get your feet wet with. No need to load up on an expensive haul bag before you find out if wall climbing is your game. Plus, you can use the money you save to see a psychiatrist after you bail off your first El Cap route with your mind on fire. $119.00 ea. To have this bag made from the super burly 32oz fabric, add $10.00.

Here's the ultimate in overflow and gear management. The Atom Smasher is basically a mini haul bag, featuring the same 28oz White or Green Vinyl as our Budget Haul Bag, but is 21" tall and has a 12" bottom. This bag is intended to go up on the zip line when using the 3 man wall climbing system. Use it as the spare rack bag on the monster nailups or as the main bag on one of those 5 hour runs up the Nose on El Cap. The easily removable shoulder straps and waist belt are 3" wide and fully padded. Features a very handy double daisy attachment system on the bottom of the bag for clipping in ropes and loose gear. Inside the bag are 4 sewn in daisy chains for clipping gear that you really don't want to lose. $79.00 ea. White or Tan. To upgrade any Atom Smasher to the super burly 32oz fabric, add $12.00. Super burly fabric is available in White only.

Has all the features of our regular Atom Smasher, plus a padded waist belt, internal pocket and collar closure like our big haul bags. Nice unit. $99.00 ea. White or Tan.

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HAUL BAG TIPS: Cover all exposed stitching on your haul bag with Plastic-Dip tool handle coating. This stuff is amazing and can add years to the life of your haul bag. If it is really dumping rain on you, your haulbag might fill with water and make hauling impossible. If so, punch a hole in the bottom with a knife or short piton for drainage.
HAULING TIPS: Never use a biner as a pulley while hauling unless you are forced into it. Using a high quality pulley will make the hauling much easier. Buy the best one you can afford (Russ Anderson pulleys rate very high). Become familiar with advanced hauling systems and the methods of mechanical advantage before going up on a wall. If you can't move the bag because of injury or fatigue, these methods will make the impossible haul possible. Take a fat guy with you and use him as a counterweight. Be certain he never actually gets out on lead or there might be trouble.
BONEHEAD TIPS: Never use the daisy chains on the bottom of the Atom Smasher (or on the bottom of our Haul Bags) as the anchor point for a free-Jumar line. It is fine to haul the ropes up to the station this way, but never let anyone Jumar on this line until it is secured to the anchor directly. When your haulbag gets to the anchor, clip in the attached daisy chain to the anchor, then slowly lower the weight of the bag onto the daisy chain. Now, before you take the hauling system apart, pull out enough slack to tie the haul line directly into the anchor. Once the bag is tied into the system with the main haul line, then take the hauling system apart. This way, if the daisy chain breaks, the bag won't rifle 165' and rip the head clean off your partner at the station below.

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